Slow Week

I know that this week I’ve been very slow on posting. Mainly because I’ve been pre occupied with several artistic projects. (outside my regular job btw)

First off was my sister in laws new Tattoo:

I know, it’s a bit on the “non cute” side, but hey, a true art enthusiast branches out right?

Second major project is a family portrait for my bestest friend Ana. Her birthday is coming up this Sunday, so what I’ve planned to do is a portrait. Plan and plan, it is already on the way.

Here is a preview on how the work progressed and is progressing.

When it comes to portraits, I usually make them in one color shade and highlight map before adding in oil, it’s usually less of a hassle and since you got it good once, you can get it good in oil as well. The initial step is usually made in acrylic mainly because it dries fast and you can with ease correct a mistake. Oil takes day to dry and hence a mistake would be more time consuming.

Second step is that I color code the background, There is nothing more annoying then a piece of canvas that hasn’t had a pigment put on it.

Last step! OIL!

It’s far from done, but I do have a few more days before the birthday deadline!

My friend Ana loves sockmonkeys, that is why there is one in the right hand corner.

I am trying to figure out what her husbands eyecolor is. I can’t figure out what her husbands eye color is. I know, I am terrible. I just never really taught about it.

Anywho, back to work!

Edit: Finished

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