Continuous artistic development with a pinch of crotch grabbing

There is a lot going on lately. Esp since memorial day sales revealed great surprises. Amongst others a sweet selection of drawing books. I’ve felt my art has become somewhat repetitive and I haven’t really continued to grow much. So I bought four books which will benefit me well.

All the things I know that I lack and can become better at (everything!)

That and with some encouragement yielded a fairly decent digital portrait of my little niece Nelly.
Here is the artistic process that might be of some interest to you. Esp if you are going to attempt something like this yourself.

Today I also emptied my husbands photo album from his cellphone, he had some burried gold there from the aviator museum that me, him and a old friend attended!

They actually turned out really flippin sweet 😀

Never mind that crazed look of mine. For some reason I always look evil when I have my picture taken!

Today was also a very crazed day. Kim and I picked up a copy of Michael Jackson experience for the Kinect. Kim is usually not the type that gets up and dances. But even he couldn’t resist learning the awesome hip thrust and the nutgrabber. Rest to say we put on our cheap fedora imitation hats and went on to have a evening of sweaty hot dancin’! You never really appreciate all those moves that Michael did until you try them yourself. The man had moves within moves! How is this possible? Esp with a bloated pelvis and back aches, it is damn near impossible. I did manage to perform a perfect moonwalk in which unlocked me one achievement. One thing I kind of miss with this game is a story mode. I’d love to have a similar story mode to that of The Beatles Rock Band!

Once we’ve cooled down, we will probably go at it again!

Who’s BAD?!….We’re pretty bad

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