A kinect for fat fighting

Today Kim brought a wonderful surprise.
With my work and lifestyle, I do not move around much. Even as an owner of nintendo Wii, the motion you do is minimal. Not to mention that I’ve been pissed at the Wii ever since it told me I was obese!

Either way, Kim bought a Kinect.
We’ve been playing it to the point of sweat and soreness, seriously, I can barely move.
He also made me promise to use it every day. Basically I need to get back in shape. Ever since my unfortunate misscarrige I’ve havent had much incentive to do anything at all to be honest. I’ve occupied myself with work and that has been great for peace of mind, however my body took quite a beating!
No more though! I shall fight of the fat by jumping and taking silly pictures while doing so!

Here is a little presentation of the fun we’ve had today!

Sorry about the hair, I honestly will take care of it once I’ve gotten over my stomach issues.
On a different note, I had my childhood buddy Louise visiting me the last week and a half. It sure was fun to meet someone from the old country. She was just as great as I remembered her and hope to see her again soon.
Now I am looking forward to a spider man movie marathon with my beloved husband and some freshly baked biscuit.
Have a fantastic rapture everyone!

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